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  • A student who has strong interest and talent in art, but her parents would like her to take engineering route. After the career exploration with our counselor, the student decides to pursue Industry Design.

  • A student, who studied piano since he was three yeas old, had decided to pursue double majors in sound engineering and music after career exploration.

  • A student, who would like pursue medical field, but finds out she has even stronger passion for art. She ends up to be a happy and self-motivated student in Fashion  Design in one of the top design colleges.

  • A student, whose academic performance is not competitive and has no sense of direction in career path and college major, has found out his passion through the guided community service, and end up majoring in Education.

  • A student, who does not have confidence about about himself and set a college goal lower than he should reach, ends up getting multiple offers from UCs and private universities to choose from.

  • A family, who is qualified for need-based aid, yet with a big cash gift from grandparents, loses their qualification for aid. After asset reposition, they end up receiving full funding from the school.

  • A middle income family ends up paying less for their student to go to Cornell University than go to UC Berkeley.

  • A student from a high income family goes to NYU's special program with full ride from merit-based scholarship.

  • A student who does not have competitive GPA and SAT score, goes to community college and later transfers to UC Berkeley.

  • A student from middle class family gets $46,500 from college due to the student positioning strategy.